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Tara Brach: Spiritual Hope

(Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC) Spiritual hope opens us to possibility and energizes us to manifest our potential for love and wisdom. In contrast to attachment or egoic hope, which is the grasping for what will benefit a separate self, spiritual hope arises…

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Tara Brach: Sustaining Our Caring

(Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC) All transformation arises out of love; it is the energy of caring about life that moves us toward inner, relational and societal healing. With a primary focus on our radically re-enlivened movement for racial justice and equity, this…

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Nathan Glyde: The Peace of a Boundless Heart

(Sangha Seva) Teachings and practices to ease us from habitual patterns towards something endlessly (boundless heart) liberating. Exploring through a mediation, talk, and Q&R, freedom with what appears, freedom from what appears, via the freedom teachings of anicca and dukkha, and particularly sankhara–how we…

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